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Originally founded in 1971 by well-known surgeon Dr. Kenneth Salyer, the International Craniofacial Institute is now led by Dr. David G. Genecov, who serves as Director. Recognized nationwide as one of the most advanced centers for craniofacial and cleft lip and palate repair, we have treated over 17,000 patients from more than 30 countries.

Our doctors train surgeons from all over the world in advanced craniofacial surgery techniques and share their knowledge and experience with the world’s surgical community through lectures and publications. For each patient, we strive to provide aesthetic and functional correction, practical instruction, and the real hope we’ve been offering to patients and their families for almost 40 years. Correcting craniofacial differences demands a high level of specific surgical expertise, detailed treatment and planning, and years of experience. Because our patients have a variety of medical, dental, surgical, and psychosocial needs, we have brought together the finest team representing over 15 different areas of specialty and skill.


David G. Genecov, MD, FACS, FAAP Plastic Surgeon in Dallas, TX

“Patients are, first and foremost, people. So that’s where my work begins: I treat every person with individual consideration to get a clear understanding of their specific circumstances. Once we’ve determined the appropriate treatment goals and methods, I apply my skills and experience to create both functional and aesthetic restoration. And as the field advances, I’m committed to ongoing improvement of my own skills as well so that I can do whatever it takes to improve my patients’ quality of life.”

– Dr. David G. Genecov


Plastic Surgeon in Dallas, TX

Carlos Raul Barcelo, MD

“My life goal as a physician is to treat each patient with the same professional expertise, consideration, and personal concern as I would my own family members. And my family is my most valued asset.” 

– Dr. Carlos Raul Barcelo


Plastic Surgeon in Dallas, TXHuay-Zong Law, MD

“Every patient and family is different, and their treatment must be tailored to their individual needs and desires. Often several surgeries are possible, but I only offer surgery if it is what I would want for my own child or family member. I trained with many amazing surgeons, and try to combine the best from each to help my patients as safely and reliably as possible.”

— Dr. Huay-Zong Law


Chelsea C. Snider, MD

“I am passionate about helping children grow to live their most beautiful and fulfilling lives. The impact I can make on a young person’s life is exponential. From the first diagnosis, to that child going to college and beyond, I will help guide families through the surgical and medical decision making process. The bond and relationship I make with my patients is truly lifelong.”

– Dr. Chelsea C. Snider