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Encephalocoele in Dallas, TX

If your child suffers from encephalocele, you want the best care possible for him or her. The International Craniofacial Institute is a worldwide leader in treating encephalocele, providing not only exceptional care, but also support for families and caregivers to help ease their anxiety.

What Is Encephalocele?

Sometimes, the brain forces an opening through a weak or defective portion of the skull. Then, the brain and the membranes covering it protrude from the skull in a sac-like form, known as an encephalocele (en=in; ceph=head; coele=opening). Also referred to by its Latin name, cranium bifidum, encephaloceles are rare, occurring at a rate of one per 5,000 live births.

How are Encephalocele Diagnosed?

Usually diagnosed immediately after birth, occasionally a small encephalocele may go undetected for a period of time, particularly in the nasal or forehead area. Encephaloceles may be found anywhere in the head and face region, frequently occurring in the eye region or the back of the head. Sometimes they create a cleft in the roof of the mouth (palate).

Common Associated Conditions

Encephaloceles are frequently accompanied by other head and face anomalies or brain malformations. Neurological problems, vision problems, and various physical and mental developmental delays are some of the other symptoms that may be experienced.

How Are Encephaloceles Caused?

Encephaloceles are caused by the failure of the neural tube to close completely when the fetus is developing.

How Are Encephaloceles Treated?

Typically, surgery is performed on young patients during infancy or their toddler years. The encephalocele is corrected by gently pushing the brain tissue back into place, surgically closing the area of bony weakness from which the brain tissue has come through, and correcting any associated head or face abnormalities.

Why Choose International Craniofacial Institute?

The International Craniofacial Institute is one of the leading institutes for craniofacial disorders and conditions. Our doctors and surgeons have treated over 17,000 patients with genetic disorders worldwide. These disorders are most often centered on craniofacial issues, palate repair, and cleft lip repair. In addition to diagnosing and treating these issues themselves, the doctors and specialists also train other professionals from all over the world. The International Craniofacial Institute was founded by Dr. Kenneth Salyer, a surgeon, in 1971, and today it is headed by Dr. David G. Genecov.

If you have a child or another family member who is suffering from a genetic syndrome or has a cleft lip, cleft palate, or craniofacial complication, the staff at the International Craniofacial Institute can help. Contact us today to talk with the doctors and staff about your options and how we can help.