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EarWell in Dallas, TX

Ear deformities are actually quite common and can affect a child’s health and hearing as he or she grows older. Fortunately, the EarWell™ provides a high rate of success when it comes to treating ear deformities and can be expertly placed at the International Craniofacial Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Did you know that ear deformities are one of the most common congenital malformations? Studies show that 20-35% of all babies are born with some ear deformity and that most of them will not go away as the child grows. An ear deformity can be treated without surgery if diagnosed and treatment is started within the first month of a baby’s life. When an ear deformity is overlooked, it will often lead to the child having surgery later on in life.

What Is an EarWell™?

The EarWell™ is a safe, reliable, and non-surgical treatment to correct ear deformities in babies. The EarWell™ is placed on a baby’s ear for 3-6 weeks to mold the ear gently into shape, with a success rate approaching 95%.

Why Choose EarWell™?

  • The EarWell™ has a success record.
  • It is nonsurgical.
  • Its task is accomplished in less than a month and a half.
  • Its success is based on parental survey revealing that 95% of youngsters who have had the EarWell™ prosthesis and process applied have a successful outcome.

How EarWell™ Works?

The EarWell™ utilizes a posterior shell, an anterior shell, retractors, and a conchal former. The posterior shell is anchored by adhesive to the ear structures surrounding the external ear. The other components function within that “framing” posterior shell. Those other components are adjusted during the shaping process to mold and build that “new” external pinna, concha, and entrance to the external auditory canal within a month, plus or minus a week or two.

Is Your Baby a Candidate for EarWell™?

Ear anomalies arise from a variety of causes. They may be congenital, syndrome related, or trauma related. A misshapen ear need not be a permanent condition and need not require surgery. Clinicians who deal with these kinds of ear problems regularly can help parents come up with an appropriate plan for remediation of that aberrant ear.

Not only can the International Craniofacial Institute serve as an assessment resource, but its clinicians and surgeons can connect parents with families that have worked through similar problems with their children or who are working with the EarWell™ device currently with their children.

Why Choose International Craniofacial Institute?

The International Craniofacial Institute is one of the leading institutes for craniofacial disorders and conditions. Our doctors and surgeons have treated over 17,000 patients with genetic disorders worldwide. These disorders are most often centered on craniofacial issues, palate repair, and cleft lip repair. In addition to diagnosing and treating these issues themselves, the doctors and specialists also train other professionals from all over the world. The International Craniofacial Institute was founded by Dr. Kenneth Salyer, a surgeon, in 1971, and today it is headed by Dr. David G. Genecov.

If you have any concerns about your baby’s ear shape, contact us to schedule a consultation.