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Cleft Lip/ Palate in Park Cities, TX

The genetic conditions known as cleft palate or lip, are seen in approximately one in every 700 infants each year. At the International Craniofacial Institute in Dallas, TX, we provide hope and relief in a compassionate environment for parents of these children in Park Cities, TX.

Understanding Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

There are several types of clefts, depending on the severity. These include unilateral cleft lip/palate with a cleft on just one side, bilateral cleft lip/palate with clefts on each side and cleft palate, which does not extend into the lip or nose.

The professionals at International Craniofacial Institute view each infant as a special individual who is completely different from anyone else on the planet. Sometimes, a cleft lip or palate can be part of the difference. However, we can repair these visible problems.

Every infant needs to use his or her mouth and nose for a variety of life-giving activities, such as drinking, breathing and crying. Later in life, the child will also need to chew and eat and will begin developing teeth. Therefore, it is vital that the mouth and face work together properly.

Challenges for Children with Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate

The face and mouth must be completely formed in order to allow for proper eating, swallowing and breathing. In the case of cleft palates, food can go up into the nose. Additionally, these genetic anomalies can lead to a variety of frustrating ear problems because the inner ear may not be completely formed. This can lead to ear infections as the Eustachian tubes do not completely drain the fluid found in the ear. The palate must be well formed to also create articulate speech and proper breathing. Without repair, babies with cleft lips or palates will face numerous difficulties throughout life.

Treatment at International Craniofacial Institute

The professionals at International Craniofacial Institute treat over 500 individuals each year who suffer from cleft lip or palates. No matter how simple or difficult the procedure may be, our integrated team can help parents, infants, and children. We utilize doctors, speech therapists and professionals in other specialties to help infants succeed and live a healthy, prosperous life.

Contact International Craniofacial Institute today if your child or loved one has a cleft lip or palate or another genetic anomaly. Our doctors and specialists can discuss treatment options in a caring environment.