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Cleft Lip / Palate Surgery in Allen, TX

If you’re a parent in Allen, TX with a child who is suffering from a cleft lip or palate, you’re likely overwhelmed with many concerns and questions. The knowledgeable and experienced professionals at the International Craniofacial Institute have the answers to your questions.

Orofacial conditions do not only affect the exterior of the face, but they can also hinder internal development. Unseen deformities can often only be detected through the use of x-rays, special testing, and other techniques. Each of our patients is gently examined in order to determine the complexity of their personal condition. With our specialists’ findings, we design a plan for care that is specific to your child.

Sound Strategies – Communication Is Critical

A cleft lip/palate has the potential to affect an infant’s sound and future speech development. In order to counteract these effects, our speech therapist will work diligently with your child to plan and carry out a specialized teaching regimen.

Once your child has received palatal reconstruction, the oral space will be much more accommodating for speech development. Because hearing and speech are so closely related, your child’s hearing will also be diligently monitored. A cleft lip/palate can cause the inner and middle ear to grow improperly. This can dramatically affect drainage, and it can ultimately lead to chronic problems with the ear, including infections.

Treatment – Professional Team and Proper Timing

Modern medicine and medical technology makes it possible for children to move past cleft lips/palates and live normal, healthy lives. Our team of specialists will work alongside your child to ensure that the appearance, form, and function of his/her oral-facial region is significantly improved.

A cleft lip/palate can be a highly complex condition affecting various external and internal regions of the face including the jaws, mouth, and ears. Our care is multi-faceted, and we have specialists that can confidently handle each stage of the process. Best of all, our treatment plan will be designed to fit your child’s natural pace for development. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all care plan; we work with each patient on a personal and customized level.

If your child or other loved one is currently living with a cleft lip or palate, genetic syndrome or other craniofacial condition, you can rest assured that there is an answer. We have the tools and techniques at the International Craniofacial Institute to help. You can begin discussing your options for your child’s future by contacting us and speaking with one of our experts today.