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Cleft Lip / Palate Surgery in Park Cities, TX

If you are a parent in Park Cities, TX with a child suffering from a cleft lip/palate, you probably have many questions and concerns. At the International Craniofacial Institute, we can answer these questions and provide solutions that are customized for your child.

The most noticeable facet of a cleft lip/palate is its physical appearance, but it also has drastic effects on internal structures, such as the inner ear. These types of effects can only be seen with special testing, x-rays, and other techniques.

We have the tools and technology to analyze each structure affected by the cleft lip/palate, and we can quickly determine the severity and complexity of the condition. Once we have evaluated your child, we’ll work with you to develop a personalized plan for care. We’ll help you understand how to care for your child’s condition as it gradually changes and heals, and we will be present for every step of the process, from your baby’s infancy to his/her teen years.

Sound Strategies – Communication Is Critical

A cleft lip/palate can directly affect speech development, and that’s why our speech therapist is an integral part of our team. Our therapist will start your child off with an initial examination and then craft a customized teaching plan to help him/her work on the condition.

Once palatal surgery has been performed, your child will begin learning to communicate with an improved oral space that will ultimately promote correct speech. Your baby’s hearing will be closely monitored, as well, since hearing and speech are intertwined.

Treatment – Professional Team and Proper Timing

There is no need to believe that your child’s cleft lip/palate is a condition with a dead end. This disorder can be repaired with gentle treatment and diligence. With evaluation and care from our experienced and trained team, your child’s oral-facial form, function, and appearance will gradually evolve before your eyes.

Keep in mind that we not only treat outwardly visible effects of cleft lip/palate, but we also treat the entire condition from the inside out. Each of our specialists is well versed in highly specific aspects of craniofacial disorders. We’ll work in pace with your child’s personal development, and we’ll always provide customized care that personally fits him/her.

We have the tools and resources to help your baby or loved one who is suffering from a genetic syndrome, craniofacial complication or cleft lip/palate. There is hope. Contact us today to begin discussing your child’s options for treatment.