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Cleft palate in University Park, TX

Cleft lip and palate impact the lives of one out of every 700 infants per year. Naturally, parents living in University Park, TX want to have this issue corrected for their children’s sake. Fortunately, relief can be found in the compassionate and warm atmosphere of the International Craniofacial Institute in Dallas, TX.

Understanding Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

Clefts can differ considerably depending on the severity of the separation. Some may be a mild lip indentation while others involve a full separation of the nasal base, lip, and hard or soft palate. The various degrees of the condition are named for their location:

  • Unilateral Cleft Palate or Lip: The cleft is located on one side only.
  • Bilateral Cleft Palate or Lip: The cleft is located on both sides.
  • Cleft Palate Only: The cleft is located on the palate only and doesn’t impact the nose base or lip.

At the International Craniofacial Institute’s Cleft Lip and Palate Treatment Center, we don’t consider these structural variations to be deformities or abnormalities. They are merely differences. Each baby is unique and special. Sometimes, their differences just happen to be apparent on the exterior. Having a cleft lip or cleft palate is just one of these outwardly apparent differences, but it is completely treatable.

The orofacial area is structured to enable important activities like swallowing, suckling, crying, breathing and sleeping. As children grow, this part of the body also plays critical roles in tooth and jaw development and maintaining balance and speech. Each of these roles is related and requires the nose, ears and mouth to function properly.

Challenges for Children with Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate

A completely formed oral region enables eating and respiration to occur without mixing these activities. Having a structurally intact palate prevents food from entering the nasal cavities while chewing. In addition, since the mouth is connected to the drainage and balance systems in the ears, an intact palate ensures that the muscles of the inner ears are correctly affixed to these systems. These muscles enable the Eustachian tubes to maintain the correct angle for optimal airflow and drainage.

As an outlet for speech, the tongue and mouth depend upon an intact palate to allow the proper control of breath and articulation needed to produce the correct sounds. If the dental ridge, hard and soft palates and the lip fail to close completely, a child with a cleft palate or lip may experience problems.

Treatment at International Craniofacial Institute

We can correct cleft lip and cleft palate no matter its severity. International Craniofacial Institute resolves over 500 such cases every year at all degrees of severity. Our team possesses an abundance of knowledge and experience in every aspect of these conditions. We work together and with the families of our patients, which ensures that children with a cleft lip or palate grow to be healthy, happy members of their families.

If you live in University Park or one of the nearby communities and your child or another member of your family struggles with a genetic syndrome, cleft palate or lip or another craniofacial issue, the expert staff at the International Craniofacial Institute is here to help. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out what we can do for to help your loved one.