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Plagiocephaly Surgery in Park Cities, TX

Many children are born with abnormal head shapes, also known as deformational plagiocephaly. This condition is usually the result of repeatedly positioning a baby’s head to a certain area of their skull. The International Craniofacial Institute, located in Dallas, TX, provides parents living in the Park Cities area with accurate assessments and treatments for children who suffer from deformational plagiocephaly. 

The International Craniofacial Institute’s Head Shape/Plagiocephaly Clinic provides patients with assistance in the prevention and treatment of deformational plagiocephaly. The clinic uses up to date measures to assist patients. The clinic’s staff promotes “tummy time” activities, as well as neck stretches that will help the baby. Before giving a definitive diagnosis, the clinic’s staff will evaluate the baby’s head shape and check for abnormalities in formation. They will also examine the baby to ensure that there are no other abnormalities present, such as craniosynostosis that occurs once in every 2,500 births.

What Is Abnormal Head Shape?

Abnormal head shape usually develops due to the following reasons:

  • In-Utero: This condition usually occurs when singles or multiples remain in the same position for an extended period of time.
  • Prematurity: This condition usually occurs when cranial bones are softer and easily morphed when they remain in the same position for an extended period of time.
  • Torticollis or Sternocleidomastoid Imbalance: This condition usually occurs due to abnormalities that occur in a baby’s neck. These neck abnormalities cause a baby’s neck to remain in a certain position and limit the baby’s range of motion. This condition could lead to a baby tilting its head to one side.
  • Prolonged positioning an infant in carriers, bouncy seats and swings could also lead to an abnormal head shape.

Not providing your baby with a sufficient amount of “tummy time” could also lead to an abnormal head shape. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies sleep on their back. However, it is vital that babies have a sufficient amount of “tummy time” early in infancy.

Early Intervention

The good news is that deformational plagiocephaly is treatable without helmet therapy. It is important to treat this condition within the baby’s first year of life, due to the malleability of the cranial bones. If parents take the proper precautions, including implementing a sufficient amount of “tummy time”, the baby’s head shape will continue to round throughout their infancy.

If you have noticed that your baby’s head shape appears abnormal or that your baby constantly tilts his/her head to one side, please contact the International Craniofacial Institute. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you and your baby by providing the best possible care.