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Craniosynostosis in Frisco, TX

When a child is diagnosed with craniosynostosis, he/she is at an elevated risk for abnormal development in the future. At the International Craniofacial Institute in Frisco, TX, we are recognized as one of the most experienced teams in treating craniofacial conditions. We utilize some of the most cutting-edge medical treatments to help children with craniosynostosis go on to live normal, healthy lives.

What Is Craniosynostosis?

In comparison, an adult’s skull and baby’s skull are quite different physically. An adult’s skull is made up of fused bones, while a baby’s skull consists of individual bones held together with sutures. The sutures are loose to allow room for brain growth. Once development completes, the bones gradually begin fusing together. Craniosynostosis happens when the sutures close off prematurely before the skull can finish developing. This stunts brain growth and causes craniosynostosis.

Craniosynostosis can possibly occur in an isolated area, or it can affect the entire skull. Depending on which sutures closed prematurely, the brain can potentially take on an unusual shape. Each case is different, and therefore, each one must be treated with an individual plan.

What Are the Categories of Craniosynostosis?

Craniosynostosis can be broken up into five distinct categories. They heavily depend on which sutures were closed off prematurely. The five categories of craniosynostosis are as follows:

  • Coronal synostosis
  • Metopic synostosis
  • Lambdoidal synostosis
  • Sagittal synostosis
  • Multiple suture synostosis

Craniosynostosis Treatment

When we initially evaluate a child suffering from a craniofacial disorder, all factors of the condition are taken into account in order to develop a personalized plan for treatment. We closely analyze how the condition has affected other functions and structures, including the central nervous system, facial skeleton, brain, senses and spinal components. We know that it is critically important to quickly understand whether or not the disorder has any affect whatsoever on swallowing, breathing or speaking. Our specialists know exactly how to immediately begin treating craniosynostosis if it is affecting vital bodily functions.

If your child or another loved one is suffering from a cleft lip/palate, genetic disorder or craniofacial condition, help is available. You don’t have to navigate this intimidating journey alone. At the International Craniofacial Institute, we can help you get started with understanding your options, possible treatment methods and ultimately your child’s future. Contact us today.