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Ear Reconstruction Surgery in Frisco, TX

Residents in Frisco, TX can trust the experts at International Craniofacial Institute for ear reconstruction surgery.

What Is Ear Reconstruction Surgery?

Ear reconstruction surgery refers to any surgery meant to give the ears a different shape. This can be done for several reasons. One of the most common reasons is a congenital disorder known as microtia, in which the child is born with very small or absent ears. Ear reconstruction is also useful for those with undesirably large or prominent ears, or those whose ears have experienced trauma and have become deformed because of it.

Benefits of Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Ear reconstruction surgery is a relatively simple, safe surgery that holds many benefits for the patient, including, but not limited to:

  • Improved sense of hearing
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Lessened risk of bullying
  • Removal of growths and tumors, which may be harmful if not removed

How Is Ear Reconstruction Surgery Performed?

The way ear reconstruction surgery is done depends on what condition it is treating. In the case of microtia, cartilage is removed from the patient’s rib cage and placed in the ear. The cartilage is then sculpted into a pleasing shape. This gives the child normal ears. In the case of overly prominent ears, the ear is reshaped by removing excess cartilage and cartilage may be stitched together to hold it permanently in place. Ear reconstruction surgery to correct tumors or other growths depends on the unique situation, as each case will be different.

About International Craniofacial Institute

The International Craniofacial Institute is the premier destination for ear reconstruction surgery in Frisco, TX. We were founded in 1971 and have since earned a reputation for being one of the very best centers for craniofacial surgery in the United States. Our team of experienced surgeons has specialties in over 15 different areas, and we contribute our knowledge to the worldwide surgery community through our publications and lectures.

If your child has malformed or missing ears, ear reconstruction surgery could be a huge benefit to their quality of life. Everyone deserves to grow up with normal, healthy ears. If you’re seeking ear reconstruction surgery in Frisco, TX, contact us so we can get started with a consultation to determine how we can serve your child’s needs best.