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Ear Reconstruction Surgery in Highland Park, TX

If you’re a resident of Highland Park, TX with a child who has an ear deformity and would like to get the help from a knowledgeable and experienced professional, look no further than the International Craniofacial Institute.

What Is Ear Reconstruction Surgery?

Ear reconstruction surgery is a surgery that creates or restructures the external cartilage portion of the ear. This surgery is safe and simple to perform. It holds many benefits for children who are in need of ear reconstruction.

Benefits Of Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Ear reconstruction surgery can greatly improve a child’s quality of life. For example:

  • Ear reconstruction surgery corrects the congenital condition known as microtia. Microtia is when a child is born with absent or very small ears. Receiving surgery for this condition benefits the child because microtia generally leads to impaired hearing.
  • Ear reconstruction surgery is often necessary for those who have tumors or other growths on their ear. Even if a growth is benign, removing a growth from the ear will improve the patient’s self-esteem.
  • Ear reconstruction surgery is sometimes received by patients with overly large or overly prominent ears. Reducing the size of the ears can improve the patient’s self-esteem, as well as reducing the risk of bullying.

How Is Ear Reconstruction Surgery Performed?

The method of performing ear reconstruction surgery depends on which condition is being treated. During an ear reconstruction surgery to correct microtia, a small amount of cartilage is removed from the patient’s rib cage and transferred to the ear, where it is sculpted into a desirable shape. Ear reconstruction surgery to reduce the size of the ears involves removing excess cartilage and sometimes stitching it in place to permanently hold it in the desired shape. Ear reconstruction surgery for ear tumors or ear growths varies widely, as each situation is unique.

About International Craniofacial Institute

International Craniofacial Institute is your best destination for ear reconstruction surgery in Highland Park, TX. We were founded in 1971 and ever since have earned a reputation for being one of the very best craniofacial surgery centers in the country. Our team of experienced surgeons specializes in over 15 different areas, and we share our knowledge with the world surgeon community through publications and lectures.

A simple procedure like ear reconstruction surgery can greatly improve your child’s quality of life. If you or someone you know is looking for ear reconstruction surgery in Highland Park, TX, contact International Craniofacial Institute to find out what services we can provide you. A better life through ear reconstruction surgery is only a phone call away.