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Ear Reconstruction Surgery in McKinney, TX

Deformities in the structure of the ear can be a cause of concern to many children and adults. Ear reconstruction surgery at International Craniofacial Institute can be the solution to all those living in the McKinney, TX area and the surrounding communities.

What Is Ear Reconstruction Surgery?

Ear reconstruction surgery is a surgery performed to reshape the ears. It’s performed on children who were born with malformed or missing ears, a condition known as microtia. These children may face impaired hearing and bullying by peers. Those who receive trauma or injury to the ear may also benefit from ear reconstruction surgery. A surgeon specialized in facial surgery conducts ear reconstruction surgery.

Benefits Of Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Ear reconstruction surgery will improve the patient’s quality of life in many ways, including:

  • A more normal appearance, leading to increased self-esteem and acceptance by peers.
  • An unimpaired sense of hearing.
  • Ear reconstruction surgery is sometimes used to remove tumors or other growths on the ear, which are both unsightly and sometimes malignant.

How Is Ear Reconstruction Surgery Performed?

The exact way ear reconstruction surgery is performed depends on which specific problem is being addressed. If prominent or oversized ears are the concern, the surgeon will reshape the ear by removing and/or stitching cartilage to achieve the desired shape. To correct microtia, cartilage is removed from the patient’s rib cage and transplanted to their ear. To treat ear growths or ear defects, the method of surgery will vary as each situation is unique.

About International Craniofacial Institute

The International Craniofacial Institute was founded in 1971 and is led by Dr. David G. Genecov today. We are recognized throughout the country as one of the most advanced center for craniofacial surgeries, treating many conditions including abnormal head shape, cleft palate, ear deformity, facial fracture, jaw deformity, sleep apnea, tumors and many others.

The International Craniofacial Institute is made up of surgeons from all over the world. Our surgeons are experts in advanced craniofacial surgery techniques. Our institute shares its knowledge with the worldwide surgical community through publications and lectures. We feature an impressive team of surgeons with over 15 different areas of specialty. We’re also the best destination for ear reconstruction surgery in McKinney, TX.

If your child suffers from an ear deformity, ear reconstruction could help improve their quality of life. If you’re looking for ear reconstruction surgery in McKinney, TX, contact us today to get started with a consultation to determine the best course of action for your child. A better life through medical treatment is only a phone call away.