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Ear Reconstruction Surgery in Park Cities, TX

Ear reconstruction surgery is performed to reshape malformed ears. Residents in Park Cities, TX can go to the experts at International Craniofacial Institute for ear reconstruction procedures.

What Is Ear Reconstruction Surgery?

Ear reconstruction surgery is any surgery that’s meant to reshape or reconstruct the ears. Ears can be malformed for a variety of reasons, including congenital conditions and trauma. Ear reconstruction surgery can be a safe, easy way to improve your child’s quality of life.

Benefits Of Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Ear reconstruction surgery holds a variety of benefits for the patient.

  • Ear reconstruction surgery is commonly used to correct the congenital condition known as microtia, which is when the child is born with very small or absent ears. After surgery, the child will have a better sense of hearing.
  • Ear reconstruction surgery is also sometimes used for patients who have extremely large or extremely prominent ears. By reducing the size of the ears through surgery, the patient may have increased self-esteem and a reduced risk of being bullied by peers.
  • Ear reconstruction surgery is also used in the case of a growth on the ear, such as a tumor. Even if a tumor is benign, removal will still improve the patient’s quality of life.

How Is Ear Reconstruction Surgery Performed?

The exact method of ear reconstruction surgery is dependent on which condition is being treated. Microtia is corrected by taking a small amount of cartilage from the patient’s rib cage and transplanting it to their ear, where it is then reshaped. Removing excess cartilage and possibly stitching it in place correct overly prominent ears. Ear reconstruction surgery for a growth on the ear, or trauma to the ear, is different in every situation since no two traumas are the same.

About International Craniofacial Institute

For ear reconstruction surgery in Park Cities, TX, contact International Craniofacial Institute. We were founded in 1971 and ever since then have been building a reputation worldwide for being one of the very best centers for craniofacial surgery in the United States. We feature a highly skilled team of surgeons with over 15 different areas of expertise.

Your child deserves to have normal, healthy ears. This simple procedure could mean a world of difference. If you or someone you know is looking for ear reconstruction surgery in Park Cities, TX, contact us today and let us know what we can do for you.